doveWe are a Messianic, Nazarene, Israelite, Hebraic Congregation.

Our ministry is based on Romiyah (Romans) 1:16.  We preach the Besorah (Gospel) to the Jew first & then to the non-Jew.

Ministry Objectives

treeTo help you obtain a Hebrew setting in which to teach the Scriptural Hebrew Roots of our faith in Yahshua [Jesus] the Messiah (Yeshayahu/Isaiah 53); Yahshua to the Jew first and then the non~Jew Romiyah/Rom. 1:16; Romans 11:11.

Ex. Raising the Tabernacle of David with Evangelistic Praise and Worship using Praise Flags, Banners and the Dance unto Yahweh Elohim in Yahshua Our Messiah.


  • Messianic sanctuary.
    The Beit Shabbos Shul (The House of Shabbat Temple is the foreshadowing of the Messiah in the Tabernacle). Also making available updates on Messianic music, literature and Yisrael.
  • Biblical Hebraic Two House Teaching. Understanding the Restoration of the Two Houses of Yisrael. Preparing the Bride of Messiah to meet her Bridegroom Yahshua.
  • Distribution of Messianic literature for the body of Messiah. And the playing of anointed Messianic music for Dance and Worship.
  • To intercede in prayerful worship for the salvation and Shalom of Yahrushalayim ~ and to stand in the gap “For such a time as this” in our local Community; Nation and Nations. He will give us the Nations as an Inheritance according to Tehillim/Ps. 2:8; 122:6; Yeshayahu/Isa. 62:6.
    “Baruch haba Ba ShemYahweh” (“Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord”).

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